512px-Villers-sur-Mer_Affiche_publicitaire_Villers-sur-Mer is a small seaside resort in Lower Normandy (Calvados) founded in 1856. It is located exactly on the Greenwich Meridian.

The huge beach to the west in the direction of Houlgate leads to the Falaises des Vaches Noires (Black Cows Cliffs); the name comes from the big black rocks that fell from the cliff and may resemble Normandy cows. These rocks look actually more green than black as they are covered with algae.

The site is well known by fossils specialists because of the ammonites that can be found on the beach just below the cliffs. Many people come to collect them as depicted by a few photos in the gallery.



ferdinand-lunel-etretat-tennis-clubEtretat in Upper Normandy region is famous for its cliffs, including three natural arches and the pointed “needle“. These cliffs and the associated resort beach attracted artists including Eugène Boudin, Gustave Courbet and Claude Monet, and were featured prominently in the 1909 Arsène Lupin novel The Hollow Needle by Maurice Leblanc.

A very photogenic area with perfect spots for sunrise or sunset lights and infinite combinations with the tides.

Les Andelys


Les AndelysLes Andelys is an 8,000 inhabitants town in Upper Normandy lying on the banks of the River Seine.  It is famous because of Château Gaillard, a ruined medieval castle, located 90 m above the town. Construction began in 1196 under the auspices of Richard the Lionheart, and was completed in about two years. Château Gaillard has a complex and advanced design, and uses early principles of concentric fortification. The castle consists of three enclosures separated by dry moats, with a keep in the inner enclosure.

Les Petites Dalles

Les Petites Dalles is a hamlet in Upper Normandy situated south of Dieppe. With its remarkable cliffs and seaside villas, it inspired impressionist painters such as Claude Monet and Berthe Morisot.