Vagar, Faroe Islands


When visitors come to the Feroe Islands they will most likely travel with Atlantic Airways (national airline of the Faroe Islands) and land in Vagar airport. A famous one because of its short runway, which can only accept specific aircrafts. Vagar is actually one of the Faroe Islands, positioned on the western side of the archipelago.

This post showcases two locations on Vagar island:

  • Gasadalur waterfall
    I will definitely have to come back to take pics with a better light!
  • Leitisvatn lake, 30m above sea level
    This long walk to the extremity of the lake where it forms a waterfall directly into the ocean was not part of the program but really worth it. A much more spectacular view can probably be captured from a higher spot!  On the To Do list for my next trip.

There is also a small seaport on Vagar Island at Sorvagur. This is where the boat to Mykines leaves from during the summer season.

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